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Technical and Advisory Expertise

Technical committees are technical bodies provide expertise required for certain fields of accreditation. They can either be standing or ad hoc ones. Standing technical committees are established for certain fields of accreditation. If need be, ad hoc technical committees shall be established to deal with specific and technical issues falling within specific fields of accreditation. If need be, standing technical committees can be also established for certain fields of accreditation. ATS has three standing technical committees for different fields of accreditation (laboratories, inspection bodies and certification bodies).

Members of standing or ad hoc technical committees are experts in specific fields of accreditation and conformity assessment with an understanding of national and international standards and legislation governing accreditation and conformity assessment.

The following interested parties take part in the work of technical committees: public administration bodies and holders of public authorisations, faculties and institutes, accredited conformity assessment bodies, companies, entrepreneurs, chambers, etc.

The technical committees shall:
1) provide opinions on the implementation of requirements and documents of international organisations for certain schemes and fields of accreditation and conformity assessment;
2) provide opinions on proposed EA, ILAC/IAF documents;
3) provide assistance to ATS in extending the scope of its activities;
4) participate in defining the assessor competence criteria in case of specific fields of conformity assessment;
5) identify potential assessors;
6) provide assistance to ATS as regards recognition of inter-laboratory comparisons and other schemes;
7) confirm the adequacy of specific procedures used in the course of the accreditation procedure;
8) determine the need to establish special task force groups the members of which shall be experts in certain fields.

Detailed information about the tasks, mode of operation and selection of the members thereof can be found in the ATS Statute.